Channel Partner for Digital Health Solutions

  1. The Patient and The Provider--are they on the same page?
  2. Do They Have the Relevant Data?
  3. ​Data Collection
  4. Situational Analysis
  5. Proper and Precise Engagement

My partners and I are currently engaged in launching a channel partner business that will be focused around Digital Health solutions for the Wellness and Aging Lifestyle market.  If you would like to be considered as a potential supplier/partner on our line-card of complementary products and services, please give us a call. Our plan is comprehensive in vision and is well-funded, with identified end customers in the Colorado and Arizona marketplaces. 
We would like to have a conversation with you as it relates to your current or future go-to-market strategy to see if we have alignment with each other.
Please contact me at and suggest a time, or simply give me a call at 303.717.2964
Jim Brennan