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OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE BEEN EVERYWHERE – Medical Devices to Data to Healthcare. 

We have special expertise in technology, distribution, new energy and medical.

Trained Specialists

Demand Generation

Awareness and Exposure of Technology for Clinical Benefits


  • Demand Generation
  • Revenue Enhancement
  • Business Development
  • Technical/Clinical Fulfillment
  • New Account Development


Emerging Medical Devices, Health and Wellness

  • Mobile devices and Medical/Health apps
  • Remote Patient Monitoring devices—implementation and training under contract from Provider or Manufacturer  
  • Medical Interoperability—the ability of two or more medical devices or systems to exchange information (data and/or control signals). Examples could include connecting Infusion Pump, BP Monitor and Pulse Oximeter to a Patient Monitoring System and reporting into EHR system
  • Device to EHR communication
  • Device to Device: Inter-Device communication
  • Device-to-Patient Monitoring System-to-EHR-to-Provider (real-time)
  • Device-to-iPad-to-Provider (batch)
  • Mobile DME/Remote Patient Monitoring 

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Ability to Install, Monitor and Service

Licensed DME location

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Medical Device Company